About GII


Who We Are

The Geophysical Institute of Israel (GII) is a state owned onshore applied geophysics service provider, specializing in the mapping and characterization of the sub-surface. We provide services around the globe to private and public companies as well as governmental bodies. The GII was founded in 1957 and has since then grown to service the Oil & Gas, Mines and Minerals, Sub-Surface Engineering and Homeland Security industries, as well as many more. For over 60 years we have been at the forefront of applied geophysics around the globe.

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Why We’re Here – Our Mission

We believe in unlocking potential.

The potential in human and natural resources is all around us. By providing the right tools and systems to our clients, we hope to take part in the unlocking of potential for the benefit of local communities around the globe.

In the global arena, Private and Public companies as well as many Government Agencies partner with GII to explore their natural resources and deliver value to their people and clients.

In Israel, the GII is responsible for the development of Israel’s National Geophysical Capabilities and Infrastructure. Furthermore, The GII is appointed by the Ministry of Energy as the official earthquake monitoring authority. In addition to maintaining a 24/7 seismological control room, we conduct studies and surveys aimed at reducing potential adverse effects of earthquakes in Israel.

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How We Work – Our Values

We are committed to the values that help our clients and partners unlock potential. To do this we constantly invest in our technology and people.

  • Professionalism - Constantly cultivating our employees knowledge while ensuring ethical conduct
  • Excellence – Best in class in technology, in training, in customer relations and in safety
  • Reliability - Perform what we promise
  • Flexibility - Be flexible on the way to get there
  • Efficiency - Produce quality results, while balancing speed and resources
  • Community – Sensitivity and care to the environment and communities we operat in
  • Team Spirit and Respect - for our colleagues, clients and the environment.

What We Do

The GII is a 'one-stop-shop' for geophysical services in onshore and transition zone exploration and detection underground.

We harness the investigative power of geophysics, out in the field and on the computer. This means using seismic waves, magnetic and gravity potential fields, and the wide range of Electro-Magnetic frequency applications to collect information about the structure, composition, fluid content and anomalies in the sub-surface. From shallow to deep targets, there is a solution for your challenge.

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GII has acquired international recognition mainly through its flexibility in meeting diversified requirements, broad experience and consistent performance together with its ability to identify with our client's needs - offering them highly efficient, budget-adapted solutions. GII has performed 3D and 2D seismic surveys for customers around the globe and in very diverse and challenging terrain. Examples include Georgia, Turkey, Italy, Jordan, Angola, India, Albania, Congo, Ethiopia and Tanzania.

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GII holds a leading and unique market position due to its ultimate commitment to execute your geophysical project just on time, with high quality of acquired data, in a safe manner and an economic budget.

In addition to geophysical surveys for the Natural Resource Industries (Oil and Gas, Minerals, Geothermal, Hydrological), the GII provides services for Shallow Sub-Surface challenges. Some examples of these include: Engineering projects that require a good understanding of the rock and soil they are laid upon, mapping buried waste piles, Agricultural soil investigations and Archaeological mapping.

Homeland security threats are now apparent underground. Whether upon country borders or sensitive facilities, we tailor solutions for pinpointing threats and attacks underground in real time.

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