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Earthquakes In Israel
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The Geophysical Institute of Israel (GII), has been assigned by the Earth Sciences Research Administration of the  Ministry for National Infrastructures Israel, to perform studies and surveys to reduce earthquake risk to the State of Israel. In that capacity, the Seismology Division initiates R & D projects in many fields of seismology for better understanding the earthquake phenomena in our region and their possible consequences. 

The main disciplines at GII's  Seismology Division are:
* Operation of earthquake monitoring networks
* Data management
* Seismological research in Israel and adjacent regions

GII has acquired international recognition mainly through its flexibility in meeting diversified requirements, broad experience and consistent performance together with its ability to identify with developing countries and offer them highly efficient, budget-adapted solutions. GII has acted as a consultant to seismological organizations in the Mediterranean area, Africa, Central America, Central Asia, South Pacific and the Caribbean.


Additional information about: Engineering Seismology

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