GII offers seismological services over a wide range of seismological applications:

  •   Empirical evaluation of the site response to seismic waves, including microzonation mapping
  •   Site specific, uniform earthquake hazard assessments, for power plants, industrial facilities and sensitive structures
  •   Empirical evaluation of the basic dynamic parameters of buildings and sensitive structures
  •   Installation, operation and maintenance of seismic networks, including training and supervising
  •   Personnel training at GII's Earthquake Seismology Center in Israel
  •   Consulting services related to other practical seismological problem
  •   We offer our services for collaboration with universities and research centers

Seismic Networks
GII has designed, built and presently operates and maintains seismic networks throughout Israel, and reliable seismic data are continuously collected and processed.

  • Short period seismic network comprises 40 channels. The network is based on continuous mode, real-time digital telemetry via satellite.
  • Short period radio telemetered network comprising 15 stations, serving as a backup.
  • A national array of 62 digital strong motion accelerometers.
  • An experimental micro-array.
  • Eight broad-band seismic stations.

The A. Bloch Observatory near Eilat, Israel.