The Geophysical Institute of Israel (GII), has been assigned by the Ministry of National Infrastructures, Energy and Water Resources, to perform studies and surveys to reduce earthquake risk.

In that capacity, the Seismology Division's Responsibilities are:

  •  Evaluating seismic hazards in Israel i.e.: estimating the expected ground motions generated by local and regional earthquakes.
  •  Management of the seismic network of Israel including; Build, operate, maintain, record and store , document and secure.
  •  Preparing the Seismological Bulletin.
  •  Identifying the seismogenic zones – and estimating their rate of seismicity
  •  Preparing earthquake scenarios.

 GII has acquired international recognition mainly through its flexibility in meeting diversified requirements, broad experience and consistent performance together with its ability to identify with developing countries and offer them highly efficient, budget-adapted solutions. GII has acted as a consultant to seismological organizations in the Mediterranean area, Africa, Central America, Central Asia, South Pacific and the Caribbean.

Additional information about: Engineering Seismology

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