Geoelectric & Electromagnetic

R & D in this field at GII concentrates on three main topics:

  • An integrated geophysical approach to solving complicated hydrogeological, geotechnical, environmental and archaeological problems.
  • Novel geoelectric methodologies and techniques.
  • Theoretical developments.

In the framework of the first topic above, GII has developed:

An integrated NMR-TDEM method for accurate delineating fresh groundwater bearing parts of the aquifer.
An integrated reflection seismics-TDEM method for detailed exploration of waste disposal sites.
An integrated reflection seismics-geoelectric-microgravity methodology for delineating potentially dangerous sink-hole zones in the Dead Sea coastal area.

GII is presently involved in a joint international German-Israeli research project for the development of a combined SHOTEM-LOTEM technology for detecting saline groundwater in deep regional aquifers in Israel.

Through work on the second topic, GII has developed a novel surface marine TDEM system for mapping shallow sub-bottom geoelectric structures below freshwater reservoirs such as lakes, rivers, etc.
GII has developed and successfully tested the geoelectric multi-electrode system for direct detection of leaks from line waste disposal sites.

Theoretical research at GII is concerned with multi-dimensional modeling and interpretation.