Earthquake Seismology

The Geophysical Institute of Israel is the main seismological research institution in Israel. Research activities cover a wide spectrum of seismological investigations. Prime interest lies in the field of Applied Seismology. Main topics currently under investigation are:


  • Earthquake hazards and risks assessments for the state of Israel and surrounding countries, including the development of methods and procedures for preparing realistic earthquake scenarios.

  • 3-D modeling of the crust structure over the Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean using calibration shots and well determined earthquake source parameters.

  • Software development for seismic data acquisition and processing.

  • Determination of seismic parameters for assessment of earthquake hazard, including analytical and experimental estimations of seismic site-response and amplification effects from recordings of microtremors, weak earthquakes and strong motion.

  • Seismotectonic modeling of the Dead Sea transform using seismic reflection, relocation and source parameter analysis of recent earthquakes and paleoseismologic investigations.

  • Numerical modeling of earthquake-induced displacement and stress changes.

  • Earthquake modeling in conjunction with small aperture radar (SAR) imaging.

  • Development of statistical methods for the regional seismic network and array automatic detection, location and discrimination.

  • Developing tools and procedures for automatic seismic bulletin production just as accurate and reliable as the conventional manual. The main emphasis of investigation presently lies in robust statistical technique, permitting realization of the process as a series of consecutive approximations from rough and simple signal envelope solutions up to precise on-set picking.

  • Identification of seismic events (earthquakes, quarry blasts, underwater explosions, nuclear tests).

  • Development of techniques and procedures for improving CTBT monitoring. Within this framework the The Geophysical Institute of Israel is involved in developing identification techniques and in analyzing the dynamic parameters of seismic and infrasound (airshock) waves from quarry blasts, study of underwater explosion phenomena and dynamic and spectral features of radiated shock and seismic waves from explosions.

  • Theoretical analysis of a stochastic rupture directivity model and experimental estimations of the directivity effect for Middle East earthquakes with application to earthquake hazard evaluation.

  • Geophysical site investigations for NPP licensing, including seismic reflection, potential fields, earthquake seismology and structural geology.