Seismic Interpretation

For better geophysical decision making

GII's professional staff of interpreters engages in all aspects of seismic work including planning, quality control and interpretation. The aim of our Interpretation Group is to provide clear, comprehensive and accurate models of the subsurface. Final output is designed to facilitate decision-making in the client's exploration process.
The Group's considerable capabilities range from seismic surveys dealing with conventional oil and gas exploration and water development, to engineering and environmental investigations.


Field crew support (QC) with an on-site system
Imaging of complex structures using 2D&3D pre-stack migrations.
Stratigraphic plays investigations involving seismic/log studies
Amplitude Versus Offset (AVO)
Velocity model building
Time-to-depth map transformations
Well-log Interpretation
Seismic Attributes
Advanced Possibilities in Formation Evaluation

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The Center is currently running the Paradigm Geophysical Ltd. Software packages (Echos TM, Geodepth ) with 2D & 3D capabilities.

The Center also is running software of  IIXREFRAX Ltd. to build refraction model.

The Kingdom SMT is a windows-based geoscientific interpretation software that allows integration of various sources such as geology, borehole measurements and culture with 2D and 3D seismic data.



GII's Data Processing capabilities are based on Sun Systems, from Sun Blade 100 and up to Sun Enterprise 450, embedded with a wide range of tape devices and B&W and colour plotting devices.