Down Hole

The Velocity Measurments of the near surface is a common practice and GII is offering the service as part of the Seismic field aquisition. The 3 component Geophone enable the mesurment of high resolution Interval Velocities down the hole, to a depth of few hundreds of Meters. The multilayer velocity model derived from uphole data generally provides an adequate near-surface model for datum static correction for surface seismic data processing.



Downhole survey at a planned construction site: (a) Shear - wave (Vs) velocity versus depth graphs; b) Compressional (Vp) vs depth graph, and (c) Poisson's Ratio. (d) The lithological section. 1 - Velocity graph (Vp and Vs) smoothed by 3 points; 2 - Layered interpretation; 3 - Velocity value (m/s)