Seismic Field Acquisition

Flexibility of response, excellence in performance

Working with GII has several advantages , i.e. familiarity with various environment and conditions, rapid and economic deployment of crews to your survey area. Nevertheless, even at short notice, GII can cope with both small and large-scale seismic and other geophysical projects around the world.

We have the records to prove it!



Seismic Recorders:

  • ARAM ARIES SPM-L, 24 bit truck mounted/portable system. Operating ARAM ARIES line equipment with "Fire by Wire" option (number of channels pending on company's request)
  • DMT SUMMIT II Plus, 100 channel recorder
  • Geometrics GEODE, 216 channel recorder


Seismic Sources:

  • Mertz/Sercel M-26HD/623B buggy vibrators
  • M-27 HR truck vibrators
  • Truck-mounted AWd-750 energy source (P-wave and S-wave)
  • EWG-I energy sources
  • Air guns and compressor for shallow offshore survey




  • ARAM ARIES telemetry/data and baseline cables
  • Geospace Model GS-32CT 10 Hz digital grade geophones - Land
  • Geospace Model GS-32CT 10 Hz digital grade geophones - Marsh
  • BHG-3 Borehole Investigation Geophone
  • Cable and geophone repairs laboratory



Geodetic Equipment :

  • Trimble R8 GNSS
  • Trimble AgGPS EZ-Guide Plus system with AgGPS 132 receiver 
  • Topcon GR-3 GNSS
  • Total stations GPT-7505 Topcon
  • Garmin GPS 276,172C,Oregon,Montana


  • TBC, Topcon Tools, Bluemarble Geographic Calculator, AutoCad, Map Source, ArcView,ArcPad,Google Eeart Pro

Planning and QA & QC software: 

  • MESA (GMG)- Solutions for acquisition survey design & modeling
  • SPS GII's in-house developed software for surveying & recording data improvement and QC
  • GIS (ESRI) software with spatial analyst and 3D extensions

Click here to download field acquisition brouchure