Seismic Data Processing

The GII Seismic Data Processing Center has been serving local and overseas clients of the Oil & Gas industry for decades, with state-of-the-art interactive processing workstations. Over the years thousands of cross-sections with a variety of field configurations and sources, land and marine, 2-D and 3-D, have been processed. GII's processing analysts are integral to the field acquisition crew, with an on-site portable system even in remote locations overseas. A wide range of clients from the oil industry, water exploration, engineering and research choose GII's Data Processing service or consulting. GII's Processing center work closely with the GII seismic R&D group by implementing ideas and products. Our people, all with earth science academic backgrounds, are also involved in the interpretation of seismic data, thus enhancing our understanding of every client's needs. Data Processing has successfully implemented skills in imaging of complex structures such as over thrust belts using depth migration, as well as dealing with stratigraphic plays involving borehole data and AVO techniques.



Data Processing is currently running the ProMAXTM of LANDMARK and FocusTM and GeodepthTM of Paradigm interactive processing package with 2-D and 3-D capabilities. These packages supports all possible
needs for standard processing and interpretation from field geometry through refraction statics, a large selection of deconvolution algorithms, residual statics routines, velocity analysis and pre/post stack migration.


The GII's Data Processing is based on UNIX/Linux platforms (SUN and HP work-stations and servers). We support a range of tape formats and have a variety of plotting devices.