Gravity & Magnetic

Gravity and magnetic surveys have long been recognized as important geophysical tools in subsurface investigations owing, to a great extent, to their low cost. They are both non-destructive remote sensing methods and are used especially in crustal research and exploration for oil and gas and mineral deposits.

GII has been engaged in gravity and magnetic surveys and their interpretation for over 50 years, both in Israel and abroad. Over the years our staff has gained a great deal of experience working in deserts and other difficult terrains, covering inaccessible areas by helicopter and achieving high standards of accuracy through meticulous processing.

For more effective use of gravity and magnetic data in studying subsurface geology, we have developed state-of-the-art computer technology for interpretation, Methodology of the Integrated Interpretation. The methodology includes updated transformations of potential fields, 3-D forward gravity and magnetic modeling and inversion schemes and exclusive imaging. The methodology of the integrated interpretation may be subject for study.


GII also uses a high resolution microgravimeter for detection cavities in the shallow subsurface.

Microgravimeter Scintrex CG-3M 
Lacoste & Romberg Gravimeter, Model G 
Overhauser magnetometer GEM-19 
Kappameter KT-5