Shallow Seismics

GII offers fast and accurate mapping of the shallow subsurface for a variety of applications: Civil engineering, Groundwater investigations, Environmental studies, Mineral deposits, Archeology.

Services offered include field data acquisition, processing and interpretation. Field operations are conducted by small crews using modern portable equipment, making the surveys fast and relatively inexpensive.


GII offers the following services:

Reflection Surveys:

  • Detailed mapping of the shallow subsurface structure
  • Detecting and mapping shallow faults and landslide areas
  • Detailed mapping of aquifers; subdividing aquifers into separate sub-units
  • Detecting localized objects (voids, tunnels, etc)


 P-and S-Wave Refraction Surveys:

  • Mapping the contact between soil and underlying rock
  • Estimating structure and properties of shallow layers
  • Deriving S-wave velocity models for evaluating the response spectra for seismic risk assessment

Three Component Downhole and Crosshole Velocity Measurements:

  • Obtaining in situ interval and average velocities of P- and S waves in shallow boreholes down to 300m depth


Shallow Water Marine Surveys (Reflection and Refraction):

  • Detail mapping of the subsurface structure below the sea bottom
    Estimating P- and S-wave velocities below the sea bed


GII specialists carried out numerous geophysical projects both in Israel and abroad. Recent projects include:

  • Site investigations prior to construction in towns located along the Dead Sea rift valley.
  • Site investigations for highway and bridge construction in various areas in Israel.
  • Shallow water site investigations for the Haifa Port extension.
  • Mapping shallow subsurface for construction of water reservoirs in the Arava valley.
  • Study of the coastal aquifer along the Mediterranean Coastal Plain.
  • Study of the sinkhole phenomenon along the Dead Sea shore.