Years of experience in survey projects, GII carries out not only data acquisition projects but may also help in solving some geotechnical and geo-environmental engineering problems. Our specialists usually work in close cooperation with the client, customizing data acquisition and interpretation processes for each project to match the client's problems.

The applicability of the Microgravity technique for detecting and delineating subsurface cavities along the shores of the Dead Sea.

The suitable applications under certain conditions are as follows:

- Fault/Fracture Detection Tracing

- In-situ Density Estimation

- Depth-to-Rock

- Cave Detection/Delineation

- Sinkhole Detection/Delineation/Prediction; - Sinkhole Hazard Studies

- Detection/Mapping of buried tanks, pipes, drums and other metallic materials

-Geoarchaeological Studies

-Shipwreck Location